Under the follow-up of the Dean of the College of Medicine, Professor Dr. Aqeel Rahim Hassan Al-Barqawi, and under the supervision of the ministerial committee formed pursuant to Administrative Order No. 1028 dated 5/16/2024 for the College of Medicine / Al-Muthanna University for the purpose of supervising the ministerial evaluation examination at the College of Medicine at Al-Qadisiyah University, which consists of Prof. Nael Mohammed Sarhid and A.M.D. Zahraa Mohammed Abbas and A.M.D. Osama Faisal Aziz

In the presence of Mr. Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies, Prof. Dr. Adnan Hamad Al-Hamdani, and Mr. Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Amir Alwan, the members of the central examination committee at the college, and Mrs. Prof. Amal Abdul-Ilah Al-Sakaban, Vice Chairman of the Examination Committee, the sixth stage students at the College of Medicine took the ministerial final exams.

The exam included a set of diverse and comprehensive exam questions on which students were tested electronically and with the participation of all teaching staff.